Lindsey Christiansen: An Appreciation

Saddened to hear of Lindsey Christiansen‘s passing. She was a voice teacher at Westminster Choir College, where I teach, for over thirty years.


My favorite Lindsey story in which I was involved:


We were working on the honors program, Lindsey teaching me how best to advise students (I learned a lot in that meeting).


At one point she turned to me and said,”there are some truly brilliant people at Westminster.”


She mentioned some of the BHP faculty, then paused and said, “You might be. I’m not sure about you yet.”
Laughter ensued.


In our last email exchange, I reminded Lindsey how much she meant to me and so many. She responded, ”I’m glad to have you on my team.”


I am sure that Lindsey was a brilliant and guiding light for the students with whom she came into contact. As an institution, Westminster Choir College is impoverished by the loss of her. As a colleague, I feel cheated out of years more to learn from her. And the laughter we shared as we did in that meeting. I will miss Lindsey.