Dirty Projectors: Little Bubble

Dirty Projectors’ latest single, “Little Bubble,” is accompanied by a captivating video. It finds David Longstreth navigating our imperiled ecosystem, eventually barricading himself in a bubble of flora and fauna in an attempt to stave off the elements of environmental catastrophe. Both the sentiment and the visual components could not be more timely, and the songContinue reading “Dirty Projectors: Little Bubble”

Textbooks for Spring 2016

Required texts for Spring Analytical Studies I – TH251: Engaging Analysis: Engaging Music by Deborah Stein (published by Oxford University Press) ISBN-13: 978-019517010 Winter Music, Composing the North by John Luther Adams (Wesleyan University Press) ISBN-13: 978-0819567420 How to Write About Music, Edited by Mark Woodworth, Ally Jane Grossan (Bloomsbury) ISBN: 9781628920437 TH 452: MusicContinue reading “Textbooks for Spring 2016”