Patricia – “Speed Wagon Night Bride” (SoundCloud)

Out this Friday (7/14) via Ghostly InternationalPatricia’s full length album Several Shades of the Same Color invites the listener into a warmly hued, artfully constructed minimal soundscape. Patricia is the recording name of Max Ravitz, a techno synthesist who has recorded three LPs under the moniker. His advice for listeners is similar to that of minimalist composers such as Philip Glass, LaMonte Young, Steve Reich, and Terry Riley. 

Tip for listeners: consider the moment in which you exist; pay attention to how these sounds evoke physiological (rather than cognitive) responses ….



Girl Band, Holding Hands with Jamie

Pet Shop Boys, Discography

Alex G, Beach Music

Mary Halvorson, Melt Frame

Tyshawn Sorey, Oblique-I

Daniel Martin Moore, The Golden Age

Fred Hersch, Solo

Duncan Sheik, Legerdemain

Anna Thorvaldsdottir, Aerial

Elvis Costello, Mighty Like a Rose

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