“3 Kenyon Songs” – “Psalm 103” (SoundCloud)

This week I am posting recordings from a May 2016 recital that was performed at All Saints’ Church in Princeton, New Jersey. Organized by soprano Sara Noble and the Contemporary Undercurrents of Song Project, it was given for me after I returned home last Spring from having cancer surgeries in Nashville. It was the mostContinue reading ““3 Kenyon Songs” – “Psalm 103” (SoundCloud)”

First double bar of 2014

Today, I finished a revised version of my setting of Jane Kenyon’s “Otherwise,” for voice and piano rather than its previous incarnation for voice and cello. It will be published by our little concern, File Under Music (ASCAP), in both “medium” and “high” keys. Thanks to Gray Wolf Press for allowing us to set Ms.Continue reading “First double bar of 2014”