Alexei Lubimov Records C.P.E. Bach

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Tangere Alexei Lubimov, tangent piano ECM 2112 Sort of a hybrid in sound between harpsichord and fortepiano, the tangent piano had its heyday in the second half of the Eighteenth century; they are relatively few of them left in existence. While they are no match for the volume and intensity possibleContinue reading “Alexei Lubimov Records C.P.E. Bach”

Duo Stephanie & Saar: “The Art of Fugue”

I spent a year analyzing Bach’s Art of Fugue as an undergraduate, so it is fair to say that I’m passionate about the work and a bit picky about its performance. For their third New Focus CD, DUO Stephanie & Saar present the work in its entirety on piano instead of harpsichord, leaving the lastContinue reading “Duo Stephanie & Saar: “The Art of Fugue””

Jeremy Denk’s Goldberg Variations

  File Under Best CDs of 2013 J.S. Bach Goldberg Variations Jeremy Denk, piano Nonesuch CD   Pianist Jeremy Denk is a versatile and thoughtful artist. But any pianist, no matter how prodigious his or her skills, must view recording the Goldberg Variations as a Mount Parnassus type of achievement. So many fine recordings alreadyContinue reading “Jeremy Denk’s Goldberg Variations”