SUBOTNICK – The Making of Silver Apples of the Moon

Morton Subotnick’s Silver Apples of the Moon was released fifty years ago. In celebration of this milestone, fundraising is being undertaken to create a documentary about its creator. You can support SUBOTNICK’s Indiegogo campaign here.

Wendy Richman’s vox*viola project

My dear friend and collaborator, singing violist Wendy Richman has undertaken a campaign to fund her first solo album, vox*viola. Consisting of pieces for singing violist by Lou Bunk, Christian Carey, Jason Eckardt, Stephen Gorbos, Jose-Luis Hurtado, Everette Minchew, Arlene Sierra, David Smooke, and Ken Ueno, the recording will be released via ICE’s TUNDRA imprint on New Focus Recordings.  Wendy first premieredContinue reading “Wendy Richman’s vox*viola project”