Moving Sounds 2015

    This Friday, the Austrian Cultural Forum New York presents a concert highlighting spectralist composers. The culmination of this year’s Moving Sounds Festival, it features the U.S. premiere of Georg Friedrich Haas’ Introduction und Transsonation, Giacinto Scelsi’s violin concerto Anahit, and pieces by Tristan Murail. Hanna Hurwitz is the violin soloist. Michel Galante leads the Argento Ensemble in these performances.         Moving Sounds 2015 FridayContinue reading “Moving Sounds 2015”

February 6 & 7: Michael Jarrell’s Cassandra Receives US Premiere

One of the oldest stories left to humanity, yet it still can withstand and even thrive in new adaptations… On Thursday and Friday, a new production of Swiss composer Michael Jarrell’s opera Cassandra will be given its US Premiere at Bohemian National Hall in New York City (details below). Based on the 1984 novel by Christa Wolf, theContinue reading “February 6 & 7: Michael Jarrell’s Cassandra Receives US Premiere”