New Domain

Christian Carey August 2013

Welcome to the new home for my blog, File Under ?. 

I have been writing about new music, especially the not-so-easily categorized sort, using this blog handle since 2002.

It has been hosted, successively, by Splendid Magazine, Copper Press Magazine, and Sequenza 21.

With Sequenza 21 moving to a new single page model shortly, I decided to bring the blog onto my personal website.

Information about my work as a composer may be found on this site too; there are separate pages with a works list, performance calendar, and a page where you can purchase scores.

My blog posts and links to my writings for other publications may be found here.  For “quickie” posts, usually sample audio and video streams pertaining to stuff about which I’m writing, check out File Under’s Tumblr page. Audio samples of my music may be heard on my Soundcloud page.

I look forward to interacting with readers via WordPress!

All-Carey Program: 9/28 in Princeton

Emerged: A Recital of Compositions by Christian Carey

Saturday, September 28th at 2 PM

Prince of Peace Church, Princeton Junction, NJ

Performed by:

Righteous Girls

(Gina Izzo, flute; Erika Dohi, piano)


(Jeffrey Gavett, baritone, Carlos Cordeiro, bass clarinet,

Andy Kozar, trumpet, Will Lang, trombone)

Peter Jarvis, drum set

Sara Noble, soprano

Megan Ihnen, mezzo soprano

Carl Patrick Bolleia, piano

Zheng Yuan, viola

Natalie Spehar, cello

Prayer (2011) loadbang

3 Bagatelles (2006) Righteous Girls

“He Wishes for the

Cloths of Heaven” (2009) Megan Ihnen

3 Flourishes (2008) Gina Izzo

Solo for piano (2013) Erika Dohi

________________ Intermission ______________________

“Fuller Brush Music” (2010) Peter Jarvis

“Blue Symphony” (2013) Sara Noble & Carl Patrick Bolleia

“Gloss on Guston” Carl Patrick Bolleia

“Fiery Sunset” (2012)

3 Kenyon Settings (2009) Megan Ihnen and Natalie Spehar

For Milton (2011) Righteous Girls