Je Suis Aime

Another recital recording, this one performed by Soprano Sara Noble with organ drone. It is a setting of a chanson by French poet Clement Marot, an anniversary present for Kay.

Carson Cooman commissioned and performed a set of variations on this piece for chamber organ.

Je suis aimé de la plus belle
Qui soit vivant dessous les cieux:
Encontre tous faux envieux
Je la soutiendrai être telle.

Si Cupido doux et rebelle
Avait débandé ses deux yeux,
Pour voir son maintien gracieux,
Je crois qu’amoureux serait d’elle.

Vénus, la Déesse immortelle,
Tu as fait mon coeur bien heureux,
De l’avoir fait être amoureux
D’une si noble Damoiselle.

Clément Marot

I am loved by the most beautiful lady
Who has ever lived beneath the heavens;
Against all false enviers
I will uphold her to be so.

If sweet and rebellious Cupid
Had taken off his blindfold
To see her graceful carriage,
I think he would have fallen in love with her.

Venus, the immortal Goddess,
You have made my heart very happy,
To have put me in love with
Such a noble maiden.

Translated by Fenton Groden

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