Happy Anniversary to June in Buffalo

David Felder This coming week, June in Buffalo celebrates its fortieth anniversary. The festival has been a vital presence on the new music scene, helping hundreds of composers to have the opportunity to get performances by world class ensembles and to participate in master classes with an extraordinary array of prominent composers. JiB has grownContinue reading “Happy Anniversary to June in Buffalo”

Anders Jormin – “Trees of Light”

Trees of Light ECM Records Lena Willemark voice, fiddle and viola Anders Jormin double bass Karin Nakagawa 25-string koto Out this week on ECM Records, Trees of Light brings together traditional music-making from Sweden and Japan with jazz bass improvisations. This seemingly unlikely fusion works beautifully. Each member of the trio retains their own stylistic signaturesContinue reading “Anders Jormin – “Trees of Light””

Decca Sound – the Mono Years

In music circles, there has been a lot of debate of late about the current vinyl revival. Are people drawn to LPs because they want a “warmer sounding” recording? Is it the artwork? Or is consumerism gone amok to blame? If you can get past the heated rhetoric and have it in your budget to buyContinue reading “Decca Sound – the Mono Years”