Tanglewood’s FCM on Monday

On Monday, July 21st at 8 PM, the last concert of Tanglewood’s 2014 Festival of Contemporary Music is a well-stocked program of orchestral works. The centerpiece is Roger Sessions’s Concerto for Orchestra, a work commissioned by the BSO thirty years ago. Steven Mackey’s violin concerto Beautiful Passing will feature as soloist Sarah Silver, one ofContinue reading “Tanglewood’s FCM on Monday”

Keith Jarrett and Charlie Haden: “Last Dance”

Last week we were saddened to learn of the loss of jazz musician Charlie Haden. Haden was a bassist with a profound melodic gift as well as a strong sense of how to ground even the most labyrinthine chord changes. It is bittersweet at this time to consider his valedictory album for ECM, Last Dance,Continue reading “Keith Jarrett and Charlie Haden: “Last Dance””